Technical Terms


Foley: the slight noises that make the shot come alive in your ears

Trailer: the trailer of the movie is the short series of scenes that show you what is to come in the movie.

Postproduction: the period where they edit the movie and add in the special effect.

Rough cut: the very basic version the of the movie

Zoom: where they enhance of a certain position on the screen or on a character.

Long shot: a shot where everything close is out of focus and the its focused on far away.

Close up: where it gets a shot of a characters face.

Special effects: explosions and effects that are put onto the screen to add depth to scene or character

Panning: it’s where they start at one point and move slowly to the left or right to give you a look at the terrain.

Frame rates: the amount of frames per second the movie is in.

Outtake: scenes that cant be used because either they had technical issues or a actor broke character.

Backing track: the track in the background like ambient noise like dripping water in a cave or people talking and chatting in a bar.

Score: the original sound track for the film or play.

Voice over: a narrator or a character monologuing

Editing: putting all the scenes together and making sure all the audio and pictures sync up.

High definition: the video and sound a very high quality

Multitrack: making multiple audio tracks fit together.

Hard disk: is an internal storage device.

Clapperboard: a board to help sync the sound and audio.

Freeze frame: a shot where the camera stop on a certain person or thing

Wrap: a phrase used by directors to tell people that shooting has stopped for the day.


Production Job Terms


Actor: A person who plays a character in film or theatre

Costume designer: The person who designs the costumes for films or theatre

Extras: background actors that aren’t significant to the plot

Floor manager: The manager of the stage for film and theatre

Writer: the person who is in charge of the story and script

Editor: the person who edits the footage recorded.

Producer: the person in charge of the financial side of film.

Makeup artist: the person in change of making people look the way they are supposed to.

Boom operator: the person holding the boom microphone.

Script supervisor: the person who makes sure there are no indiscrepancies in the script

Researcher: the person in changer of handling the story of previous canon media the correlates to the film or play.

Media Expression Learning outcome 2 – Audience Overview

In this outcome we looked at some popular TV stations and some national radio stations. we also looked at the JNLR report and wrote down some percentages on the average people listening to the radio. And also the average TV viewer percentage.

We then wrote down the top 5 programmes from two popular channels. Due to it being Sunday yesterday it was flooded with “the Sunday Game” because of football being this Country’s national pass time.

Then we looked through the TV schedule for a popular channel and had to look at one difference and one similarity. We then had to find the definition of two keywords “prime time” being the time where the most people are watching TV and “Watershed” being the time where channels can play their more mature shows without any backlash from concerned parents.

Media Expression Learning Outcome 1 – Media Overview


In this learning outcome we looked at the different formats on TV such as holiday specials, sitcoms, the news and sports. Then we took two of those formats and compared them to each other. Then we looked at International formats like America’s/Britain’s Got Talent and the Voice.

We then looked at radio production formats such as, music, talkshows, political debates and podcasts. We then took two of those formats and compared them to each other. Then we looked on the online tv guide and wrote down some examples of television formats.

We looked at the schedules of radio stations and wrote down some examples of radio formats. Then we looked at the schedules of TV stations and tried to find the patterns of the different formats.

We looked at the diffrent roles like director and producer. We also looked at some more roles. and then wrote about the production crew of our favourite films.


Internet Skills Learning Outcome 1


In this learning outcome we talked about what we though about the internet, and the effects of the internet on the modern life.

We also read a short history of the internet, and internet commerce and how some websites keep your information to make access easier and quick. Online banking sites also keep it secure which is always normal for online banking sites.

We also looked at a comparison of 10 years ago when it comes to internet social media sites. Finally we looked at how the internet has changed the way we communicate we gave a few examples like Skype, social media and email.


Safe Working Environment


I run a Gourmet Restaurants Based in the south side of Dublin city, Most kitchens are a very big risk if you dont know what your doing, but fortunately the people who work for me are experts.

Our restaurant is very professional and only serves the best food, as manager i have alot of responsibilities like making the workplace safe for my employees, like these steps.

  • Install plenty of fire extinguishers preferably Foam or C02
  • Regular electrical and maintenance checkups
  • Required nonslip shoes
  • Daily Freezer reorganization
  • Training for all new Employees
  • Safe handling of raw food
  • Use of wet floor signs
  • Use of gloves if needed
  • Regular checking of smoke alarms
  • No slip mats

Workplace Safety – PPE

Head Protection – hard hats


eye/face protection – to protect the face and eyes from being damaged



ear protection – to protect the ear drums


respiratory protection – to protect from harmful things in the air


foot protection – to protect the toes and foot


body/arm/hand protection – to protect the person form incoming damage


weather proof protection – to protect form the elements


reflective protection – so they can be seen at night


safety harness – to make sure they dont slip

Image result for safety harness

safety ropes – for securing the person so that they dont fall


Career Prep Portfolio E2

Qualities of an Ideal Employee

  1. and ideal employee is always in on time.
  2. and ideal employee always has a tidy work space.
  3. a ideal worker is always respectful towards coworkers and higher-ups.
  4. a ideal employee never uses bad language to costumers or coworkers.
  5. an ideal employee always follows the rules of the workplace.

Qualities of an ideal employer

  1. an ideal employer always makes sure all employees get the correct training .
  2. an ideal employer is always respectful and treats all employees equally.
  3. an ideal employer always makes sure the employee is payed in full.
  4. an ideal employer makes all the correct tax and insurance  deductions
  5. an ideal employer always makes sure employees get their correct holidays

Coping with Unemployment

The key to coping with unemployment is to stay positive, There is always gonna be a job for you out there you just need to look in the right places.

Another way to cope with unemployment is to make a schedule and make sure that your doing something with your spare time, Remember not to over do it though the worst thing you can do it put yourself under more stress thats what you need to remember to do things that relax you.

Dealing with Career Change

if you are changing career make sure not to get to stressed its ok to make mistakes just remember to explain yourself and ask for help from peers.

always remember to research the career and make sure you have the correct tools for the job take precautions to make sure that you don’t make mistakes.

How to Deal with a New Position in your Career

When it comes to dealing with a new position make sure you have the correct resources and tools to do the job, And if you don’t know what you have to do in the job do some research on the job.

Make sure to stay motivated and if you feel stressed take talk with your peers and take some time to relax.