Graphic Design Learning outcome 1

graphic-design-coursesIn this learning outcome we looked at the basics of graphic design like the design process which is the processes graphic designers usually go through when taking a job for a company, It starts with the brief which is where you would hold a meeting with the client to discuss the type of design they want. After the brief comes the research, brainstorming and thumbnails which is where the idea for they design is made and is then presented to the client to get an opinion from them.



SD1 – Part 1


The following legal requirements taken in digital media technology are the following.

Consent from people so you can use there face and voice

Put a copyright on your work so that people cant steal it

You need copyright clearance if you use part of someone else’s copyright protected work

Get clearances and all contracts signed before starting your film


SD1 – Part 2

Pre Production

Pre production consists of planning and coming up with the plot and script. you can also use this stage to promote the project with some posters and social media and other media outlets.


In this stage most of the filming is done and if needed the voice over or narration is done.

Post Production

In this stage all filming is done and the editing is taking place which is where all the effects are put in.

Here are some pictures i took of my pre production.

Media Expression Learning Outcome 10

In this learning outcome we took a look at copyright and the subsequent issues that come with it, such as company’s not advertising it as copyrighted and company’s or individuals trying to copyright thing that isn’t actually their intellectual property.

We also looked at the data protection act which is where if you give your personal information to a individual or company they have a duty to protect this information.

Then we read about the consumer protection act which protects people who buy things online by giving them the right to get as full refund on the products that they deem unfit for use.

Learning Outcome 6 – Digital Media Technology And Creation of An Online Identity


What is an online identity and why would you use one?

A online identity is the username you use online, this is so that you dont have to use your real name. you can also use your online identity on multiple websites so that its easy to remember for you and other people.

What is social media optimisation?

Social media optimisation is where social media websites such as twitter, facebook Ect place links in order to generate web flow to the website.

Why do you think social media marketing is important?

social media marketing is important because social media websites are the most used websites now a-days.

Internet Skills Learning Outcome 4

In this module we looked at computer viruses and what they do to your computer. and we also looked at how to counter this threat.

We looked at backing up your files not only to a hard drive but to something like the cloud. We looked at password safety and methods to use to make your password harder to guess.

We then glanced at content monitoring, not only the legal way but the illegal way like spyware and ways to counter it with firewalls.

Then we discussed what information isnt safe to share with people online. and also we looked at internet practices that are not safe for work.

Internet Skills Learning Outcome 3

download-2We looked at some websites and their intended purpose like youtube has videos and Facebook had the feature to talk with people and show others what your up to.

we also had to identify the certain parts of a internet browser like the search bar, tabs and  and the buttons to close the browser or minimise it.

Then we looked at the definition of the abbreviation URL.

We had a look at different E-commerce websites like amazon and ebay. we glanced at youtube vlogs shortly, and i was asked if i would be a Vlogger id sooner jump off a bridge.

Internet Skills Learning Outcome 2

In this outcome we learned about somethings used on the internet like different country’s use different addresses like Ireland has .ie and England has

We aslo had a look at what the internet is used for like social media, video sharing, research and alot more.

We had a look at emails and what they are good for, i said it was good for sending letter digitally and quick.


Media Expression Learning Outcome 5

In this module we looked at the types of shots in media for example Long Shot (LS), Medium Shot (MS), Close Up (CU) and Extreme Close Up (XCU).

Then We took a shot look at the rule of thirds and went onto the 108° rule and had to explain what it was.

We than had a look a lighting options like Back Lighting, Fill Lighting and Key Lighting. and we also had to make a short video showing off out video editing skills, which in my opinion i did the best. You can see my video below