Safe Working Environment


I run a Gourmet Restaurants Based in the south side of Dublin city, Most kitchens are a very big risk if you dont know what your doing, but fortunately the people who work for me are experts.

Our restaurant is very professional and only serves the best food, as manager i have alot of responsibilities like making the workplace safe for my employees, like these steps.

  • Install plenty of fire extinguishers preferably Foam or C02
  • Regular electrical and maintenance checkups
  • Required nonslip shoes
  • Daily Freezer reorganization
  • Training for all new Employees
  • Safe handling of raw food
  • Use of wet floor signs
  • Use of gloves if needed
  • Regular checking of smoke alarms
  • No slip mats

Workplace Safety – PPE

Head Protection – hard hats


eye/face protection – to protect the face and eyes from being damaged



ear protection – to protect the ear drums


respiratory protection – to protect from harmful things in the air


foot protection – to protect the toes and foot


body/arm/hand protection – to protect the person form incoming damage


weather proof protection – to protect form the elements


reflective protection – so they can be seen at night


safety harness – to make sure they dont slip

Image result for safety harness

safety ropes – for securing the person so that they dont fall