Career Prep E2

Ideal Employee

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The ideal employee is made up of certain actions over the course of your career, though it may sound like a person it is also used as a means of commending employees if they have done well over a period of time like “good job Johnson, you’ll be an ideal employee soon”.

The characteristics of an ideal employee include

1, coming to work on time or before most others.

2, having a clean and tidy work space.

3, good manners and respect towards your higher-ups and co-workers.

4, following the rules of the company.

5, overall enjoying your work.



Ideal Employer

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The ideal employer is someone who recruits and is responsible for the employee, Making sure that they have all the needed equipment and training to do their very best in the work place.

1, Provides the new recruits with the training required.

2, Treat all employees equally.

3, make sure the employee is getting the correct amount of pay.

4, respect for all employees.

5, making sure the employees are fit for work mentally and physically.



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