Career Prep Portfolio E2

Qualities of an Ideal Employee

  1. and ideal employee is always in on time.
  2. and ideal employee always has a tidy work space.
  3. a ideal worker is always respectful towards coworkers and higher-ups.
  4. a ideal employee never uses bad language to costumers or coworkers.
  5. an ideal employee always follows the rules of the workplace.

Qualities of an ideal employer

  1. an ideal employer always makes sure all employees get the correct training .
  2. an ideal employer is always respectful and treats all employees equally.
  3. an ideal employer always makes sure the employee is payed in full.
  4. an ideal employer makes all the correct tax and insurance  deductions
  5. an ideal employer always makes sure employees get their correct holidays

Coping with Unemployment

The key to coping with unemployment is to stay positive, There is always gonna be a job for you out there you just need to look in the right places.

Another way to cope with unemployment is to make a schedule and make sure that your doing something with your spare time, Remember not to over do it though the worst thing you can do it put yourself under more stress thats what you need to remember to do things that relax you.

Dealing with Career Change

if you are changing career make sure not to get to stressed its ok to make mistakes just remember to explain yourself and ask for help from peers.

always remember to research the career and make sure you have the correct tools for the job take precautions to make sure that you don’t make mistakes.

How to Deal with a New Position in your Career

When it comes to dealing with a new position make sure you have the correct resources and tools to do the job, And if you don’t know what you have to do in the job do some research on the job.

Make sure to stay motivated and if you feel stressed take talk with your peers and take some time to relax.


Learning Outcome 7 | Internet & Online Social Network

In this outcome we were asked to make a Twitter account  and we were asked to write a paragraph on a chosen topic.

Topic Paragraph

The HTC Vive is a Virtual Reality headset developed By HTC the phone company. the Vive lets you put yourself into the game and not only see from the perspective of the character but touch and manipulate things in your immediate area which lets you experience your games in a whole new way.

HTC vive website


Learning Outcome 5 Music

In this outcome we looked at the different types of audio files.

WAV, FLAC, AIFF : these are compressed files which contain more information which in turn makes the files bigger, But that also means that the sound quality is better.

MP3 : this file is smaller and has less information and is a lot worse quality wise.

And the different streaming sites.

Music Streaming Sites.



Bandcamp :

We also had to make a youtube playlist of music.

we also had to take a picture with our phones of the playlist IMG_0147.PNG


Career Prep E2

Ideal Employee

12561651-Young-smiling-happy-businessman-at-work-in-office-Stock-Photo-sales-office-person.jpgimage taken from

The ideal employee is made up of certain actions over the course of your career, though it may sound like a person it is also used as a means of commending employees if they have done well over a period of time like “good job Johnson, you’ll be an ideal employee soon”.

The characteristics of an ideal employee include

1, coming to work on time or before most others.

2, having a clean and tidy work space.

3, good manners and respect towards your higher-ups and co-workers.

4, following the rules of the company.

5, overall enjoying your work.



Ideal Employer

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The ideal employer is someone who recruits and is responsible for the employee, Making sure that they have all the needed equipment and training to do their very best in the work place.

1, Provides the new recruits with the training required.

2, Treat all employees equally.

3, make sure the employee is getting the correct amount of pay.

4, respect for all employees.

5, making sure the employees are fit for work mentally and physically.