Video Project

Well in this unit we did a lot of stuff like,

The basics of camera like how to take out the battery and the SD card and to make sure the lens cap isn’t on and to make sure the lighting is good and you’re not zoomed in.

we also did a lot on the rule of thirds, most of the things we learned is in this video here


We looked at how certain videos should be framed some should be close up the whole time or sometimes you need to zoom out to a medium-full shot.

We went over the use of different locations for recording if you want a chill video where you sit down and discuss things its best not to do it on the peak of a mountain.

We also went over the type of permission you need if you want to start filming and the stuff you need like the camera, tripod and boom arm and don’t forget the people who use the equipment

Producer – makes the magic happen

Editor – the person who puts in all the effects and makes the video look nice

Director – the person who makes the video look nice without having to edit anything

That wraps up what we went over in this unit.


Digital media learning module 4 – audio

In this module we learned about Audio.

We learned about the different ranges of audio.

Ultrasound is the vibrations of sound that is above the range of hearing.

Infrasound is the type of sound that is used by large mammals to speak with other animals of there species.

We looked at the different audio equipment like the wind muff which blocks out the sound of wind, And the the shotgun mic which records in a more directional way.

And then we looked at the different ways you can set up sound systems in your home like stereo, mono and surround.

I also told them about my own microphone.

That I have at home.