Learning outcome 2 |using a camera|

Today we learned how to use the camera.

We learned how to take out the batteries and how to and the SD card so we can move files around.

We also learned about framing the shot on the camera like the medium shot the full shot and the close up which are the different ways you can frame the shot.

We learned about what way to hold it and take things out like the battery and the SD card.

We also looked at the rule of thirds which will help a lot when filming and photographing.

This is the wrong way.


This is the right way.


When using a camera to.

  1. face up to viewfinder
  2. feet apart
  3. hand under lens
  4. elbows in tight at ribs
  5. 45 degree body twist

We also did some work with Light painting.



Types of lenses


There are different types on lenses which do different things.

Some make the camera long-range some make It looks very round.

This one Is called a fish eye and gives the camera a round edge


images taken from http://www.picturecorrect.com/and https://en.wikipedia.org/


This one Is the wide-angle lenses.

It makes the picture Is a bit wider than a normal lens.

Image result for wide angle lenswide-angle-lenses-750px-01.jpg

This Is a telephoto which makes it easier to get photos of things from far away.


images taken from https://www.bhphotovideo.com/ and http://snapsort.com/

this is a macro shot which makes it very close up.

Image result for macro lensimgres.jpg


Digital Media Learning |Outcome 6| Security and Copyright

In this learning outcome we learned about copyright laws and computer security

We looked at ways to backup your hard drive so that if something happens to your computer all your files are still ok.

We learned about copyright and so can you if you watch this video

You can also find some info on copyright in Ireland here

We learned about creative commons which are places where you can got to get things that are royalty free pictures music and videos  info can be found here


Digital Media Learning Outcome 1

Over the past few weeks I’ve been settling into my course and I’ve learned a few things and in this I’m going to share with you everything I have learned so far.

I had to find the area codes for counties in Ireland and for international places. I’ve had to take a picture of a piece of equipment from the digital media room and upload It to Google Drive.IMG_0099.JPG


I have also had to make and upload a 10 second video of something in the room.

I used my phone to film it, the phone I used is an Iphone 4 pictured below.

Image result for iphone 4


We listed off some of the gadgets Ii the digital media room. equipment-collection-480x288.jpg

Picture taken from Architecture-Digital Media – Yale University

We made Gmail accounts and signed up to word press that’s how I’m writing this right now.

That’s pretty much the most of what we did.